Sara Media Group is NOT a franchise, the company is technically selling a business opportunity. For you, that means no royalties! Our training program is included, as well as a dedicated team of professionals helping you in an ongoing manner with structured operations strategies and industry specific software. You are the owner, you control what you sell, what you price advertising for, what you do, and when you do it. We are here to help you shine as a business owner. Ultimately you make all the decision about your business. Your Job is simple, sell ads and get paid passive income! We are here to help you succeed and grow your business. The ideal candidate is passionate about running their own business, wants to help small businesses, and willing to learn. We take the concept of large outdoor digital billboards that are along the sides of the highways and bring them inside local businesses on TV screens in high traffic locations. This model is very simple. You get high traffic businesses to host your billboard for free advertising in return, you start selling advertising to others to be onto the billboards. We will teach you what you need to be successful in the Indoor Digital Billboard Business.  We aim to educate and empower new business leaders with affordable Indoor Digital Billboard advertising products and services that will not place stress on their bottom line. We will NOT fee you to death. Our dealers are the future business leaders of their respective communities. They deserve to be handled with dignity, respect, honesty, and integrity. We will never recommend a dealer package based on our company goals, but instead only out of desire for our dealers to grow wealth. Yes, we are in business to make money, but our dealers are our partners. We are in this together. We must win together! Our custom software is the best in the industry. We will put it up against any. Our world class training program is second to none. With all that said we will continue to be price friendly toward those seeking to become an Indoor Digital Billboard dealer through Sara Media Group. We are here to disrupt the industry by offering top notch Indoor Digital Billboard bundles at low initial investment and small flat monthly fees. We give you more for less! We offer protective territories.