Business Opportunity

Sara Media Group is NOT a franchise, the company is technically selling a business opportunity. For  you, that means no royalties! Our training program is included, as well as a dedicated team of professionals helping you. The indoor digital billboard business is booming. Everywhere you look is a business in need of advertisement. The opportunity for you to come in on the ground level is available. Digital advertising is the king of advertisement, and it’s environmental friendly. Are you tired of going to dead end jobs, living from paycheck to paycheck? Now you can be your own boss, work when you want to and earn a remarkable salary. You will be able to spend more time with your family. This is a home-based business, no need to rent an office. You don’t need to have a technical background. A high school kid could run this business and make money. All you will have to do is sell advertisement to local businesses. We design the Ads and upload them to your system, we do all the work for you. Indoor digital billboards are the new way for businesses to advertise for cheap and effectively. All you will have to do is introduce the concept to them and they will jump on board more than not. They will keep giving you money to keep advertising for them. This is a win, win situation for everyone. You don’t want to miss out on this business opportunity. The initial investment is low, because Sara Media Group doesn’t have fancy offices to pay for. We are a home-based company, our employees work remotely from home. We meet when we need to. We pass those savings on to you as a dealer. Sara Media Group is here to help you get in the indoor digital billboard business without charging an outrageous price. All you will have to do is install the billboards (TV Screens/ Monitors) with our custom software, and start making money on day one. We have financing for those who may need it. This option is to ensure that you do not drop $20,000 all at once to get started in the business. We would rather you make money now and pay later. You and a friend can go in together and start making money as a team. There is enough for everyone to earn a decent salary. What are you waiting for? Protected areas will go fast. Call our team today!  


150,000 Population
10 Units
Online Live Training
Fees: $300/$35
90 days grace for fees
What's included
Logo design
Business card design
Advertising material design
what's included
Custom order form
Lifetime support
Business consulting
1-Year unit warranty

*Earnings and Income Disclaimer

This is Important- Please Read

Before making any financial or business decision, you should seek competent legal professional advice. We make no guarantee whatsoever that you will make any monies by becoming an Authorized Indoor Digital Billboard Dealer of Sara Media Group. This is a business opportunity not a franchise. All deposits and set up fees are non refundable. We are a technology and digital software company. We do not work for free. We request a deposit to separate the curious from the serious. 


Sara Media Group is NOT a Franchise, we are a business opportunity, so we do NOT take a percentage of the Dealer’s revenue!

Sara Media Group charges two flat fees. 

  1. $300/ month. 
  2. $35/ month for each media player.

Grace period – No fees for 90 days when you first sign up!






Sara Moreno

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Sara Media Group and the business of Indoor Digital Billboards! If you have any questions, contact me!